Do you need building designs or plans for a building project?

Oldfield Construction London offers architectural services for any type of build, from large commercial developments to small home improvements and extensions.

Our professional architects have long standing knowledge of home improvement practices, meaning they will make the most of your existing space, whilst successfully working within the confines of building planning guidelines.

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How does the architect service work?

After you contact us, we will start with a free site visit and consultation, giving us the opportunity to discuss your wishes and get a feel for the property.

If you decide to move to the next stage, we can start putting together the ideas and architectural drawings that will become the basis of your building project.

We can also make the calculations required for any building alterations and estimate any supporting steel work needed. This allows us to finalise the plans in line with your budget and get you the most suitable designs.

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Why choose Oldfield Construction London for your London building architect?

Our architectural and building teams have many years combined experience working on projects around London, all with building planning regulations in mind from the outset.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure their build expectation are fulfilled on time and within budget.

A free consultation from Oldfield Construction London is all it takes to start the ball rolling.

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