Looking for a loft conversion for your Ealing property?

If you've been planning to make the most of your Ealing loft or attic space to maximise the layout of your home, then Oldfield Construction London can make your loft conversion dreams a reality.

Our expert builders have many years of experience converting valuable excess loft space into usable areas, whilst also creating beautiful living spaces to be proud of.

There are many types of loft conversion available, depending on your property.

  • Dormer Loft Conversion Dormer loft conversions extend vertically from the rear roof slope of the house, giving more headroom and floor space than other types of conversion. Dormer conversions are one of the most popular types of loft conversion in the UK. They are one of the quickest types to complete and don't usually require planning permission.
  • Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion A hip to gable conversion is suited to properties with hipped roofs that have minimal available space. This method requires changing the hipped side to a flat gable end, creating a larger internal space. This can increase head height and make staircase installation easier. Planning permission would likely be required for this.
  • Mansard Loft Conversion This is a loft conversion to the rear of the property; it has a flat roof with the back wall sloping inwards at 72 degrees and includes small dormer windows along the outside wall. Mansard conversions have almost vertical tiled walls. This would likely require planning permission due to structural changes required to the roof.

We can plan loft and attic conversions around your budget, your property style or just from your ideas - simply arrange a free initial consultation in Ealing today.

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Is your Ealing house suitable for a loft conversion?

Our Ealing building team has many years of experience creating loft conversions around London. We can liaise with your throughout the build to ensure you always get the same point of contact.

Most loft spaces can be used for some sort of loft conversion, however there are a few key factors that define the kind of conversion suitable for your Ealing property:

  • Head HeightA minimum of 2.2m height from floor to apex is required
  • Pitch AngleAn angle of 40° or more is optimum for best results
  • ObstaclesChimneys, pipes & water tanks should be taken into account
  • Age of StructureWas the property constructed before or after the 1960s?
  • Roof End ShapeIs the side of the roof a Gable end or Hipped end?

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Free loft conversion consultation

With our free consultation service, we can visit your Ealing property to inspect the loft and talk through all the conversion options with you.

We can handle all the stages of your loft conversion, from the design and planning processes all the way to the final build and organising approval from local authority building inspectors.

We continue to offer input from start to finish of your loft conversion, ensuring your budget is used effectively and your loft is transformed in the way you imagined.

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Why choose Oldfield Construction for your Ealing loft conversion?

Oldfield Construction London has many years experience creating loft conversion projects around Ealing and the London area, finishing all work to a premium standard every time.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure their wishes and expectations are fulfilled and exceeded.

A free consultation is all it takes to start making your Ealing loft conversion dreams a reality!

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